The WEATHERSTON Connection

      On revisiting some earlier research, I find that I first discovered the WEATHERSTON-PALMER connection as far 
      back as 2001.

      I was searching for my gt gt grandfather's elder brother, Stephen PALMER on the 1881 census and I found him 
      living with his married daughter and her family in South Shields:

      RG11  Piece 5020  Folio 8   Page 12
      King Street House & Shop, South Shields, Durham

Folio 8, pg. 12 Andrew WEATHERSTON Head M 43 Boot and Shoe Dealer Northumberland
. Elizabeth WEATHERSTON Wife M 44 . Suffolk
. Robert Son U 15 . Northumberland
. Stephen L. Son U 13 . Northumberland
. Elizabeth A. Daughter U 11 . Northumberland
. Isabella A. Daughter U 6 . South Shields, Durham.
. Stephen PALMER Father In Law check 67 Millwright [BS], Spain
At that time I thought the family name was WEATHERSON, as per the 1881 England Census transcript - which is why I couldn't find any trace of them on the 1891 England census or in the GRO Indexes. But once I found Elizabeth and Andrew's marriage registration, I was away :) Now the puzzles began: Why did Stephen take his family upto Northumberland in the first place - far away from the Fens of Cambridgeshire & Huntingdonshire? Possibly for the same reason that his brother William took his family to Lancashire - there was no work in Cambridgeshire & Huntingdonshire in the mid 19th Century due to an Agricultural Depression. And where was Elizabeth, Stephen's wife? One thing I have found is that the name WEATHERSTON in the Borders is as bad as the PALMER name in Norfolk - they're everywhere! More will be added to this page as time permits. Andrew & Elizabeth WEATHERSTON Stephen PALMER WEATHERSTON Research Mailing List October 2008 - Isabella Jane WEATHERSTON of Norham, Horncliffe and Tweedmill - is she a connection? As she surely had an interesting life, but again, more questions than answers. Home Page & Site Index Contact Details if you think you have any information that will help me with my research and these webpages
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