The RUSSELLs of Euximoor, Christchurch & Upwell

        George and Bridget RUSSELL came over from Ireland between 1816 and 1819, as their eldest son 
        was born in Ireland, and their next son, my gt gt grandfather, was born in England.
        George was a shepherd, and came to work on/or near Judd's Farm, Christchurch, nr. Upwell, Cambridgeshire.

        As a result, the majority of the Russells in Upwell and Euximoor are descended from this one
        couple and their 5 sons.  And because of my RUSSELL connections, I now find I was related to
        nearly everyone who attended the Townley School, Christchurch with me between 1956-1963!
        None of this would happened without the help and extreme generosity of 2 other RUSSELL researchers, 
        namely June RUSSELL of Upwell [formerly of Bridge Farm, Euximoor Drove] and Jack Russell RICHARDS. 
        June even lent me old photographs of George & Bridget and John & Ann to copy - these will appear on 
        the relevant pages in due course.  I am extremely grateful to both.

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