JOHNSTON - Northern Ireland & New Zealand

    John Noble JOHNSTON, [of Edengole, Omagh, Co. Tyrone], his wife, Eliza, and 6 of their then 9 children sailed 
    from Belfast, Ireland on 8 June 1875 in the 1st Party, Special Settlers, on the "Carisbrooke Castle" to a new 
    life in New Zealand.

    "There were 238 settlers [Ulster Orangemen] on board; most of the passengers were from the Ballygawley District 
    of Co.Tyrone,   [although the JOHNSTONs came from nr Omagh, Co. Tyrone.]

    George Vesey Stewart, of Martray, Co.Tyrone was the person behind the movement of people from the Ballygawley 
    area to New Zealand."
    Source: "Ulsterheart" by the Rev. C. Brett Ingram, late rector of the Parish of Errigle Kerogue. 
    Published by the "All-Ireland Heritage Inc.", Va, U.S.A.

    The settlement was at Kati Kati, North Island, where John Noble JOHNSTON was ballotted 216 Acres at Waitekohe.
    The area was also known as "New Ulster"  
    Ref: "The Emigration Atlas" published in 1852 and available on CD from ArchiveCDBooks
    The "Carisbrooke Castle", under Captain Freebody, arrived in Auckland on 8 September 1875 after 92 days at sea.
    Source: NZ Immigrant Shipping Lists
    John Noble & Eliza's children were: 
Eliza Jane born 11 October 1853
Noble II Alexander born 24 July 1856
Margaret born 1 November 1858
Sarah Anne born 5 December 1861 baptised
Adam born 4 May 1866 baptised
Albert John born 16 December 1868 died 13 June 1892
Charlotte born 20 April 1871 baptised
Esther Isabella born 9 April 1873 baptised
Rebecca born 18 April 1875 baptised
Maria [Molly] born 23 April 1878 in Kati Kati
Two of Noble & Eliza's children, Eliza Jane & Margaret, stayed in N. Ireland. Margaret married the buyer of the family farm, John JOHNSTON [no relation] from Douglas Bridge, nr Omagh; and eventually most of their 12 children went to New Zealand also! Noble & Eliza's eldest son, Noble II was already in New Zealand - he'd run away from home in Ireland at the age of 12 to work as a cabin boy; later he was on whaling ships and travelled all over the world. Margaret & John's daughter, Anna Maria JOHNSTON, is my Mother-in-law's Grandmother. Anna Maria married Thomas BEATTIE, from Omagh, Co. Tyrone.
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