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3 February 2018 - Notes on DeSilva or DaSilva 14 January 2018 - the whole website has been uploaded to a new host so I have been busy checking every single page - nearly 600 of them - and updating links. Should you come across any broken links that I've missed [I'm not infallible], please let me know via the Contact link at the bottom of this page. Many thanks ! 12 November 2017 - New Guest Book link now being added to my webpages as time permits. 24 October 2017 - Disappearance/deletion of my website Guestbook by without notification. 27 March 2015 - The Parliamentary Gazette No.16 December 1909 9 February 2015 - Upwell Tram accident - 25 April 1914 10 August 2014 - New information about my Grandfather's WW1 A.S.C. service 8 February 2014 - The Five Russell brothers of Euximoor c.1920s 20 October 2013 - Distressing Accident on the Wisbech-Upwell Tramway - Lady Run Over By Trucks - Wisbech Standard, May 1 1914. 30 April -3 new transciptions from the Wisbech Standard regarding Christchurch: Jubilee Sports day at Christchurch - Wisbech Standard, May 10 1935 Electricity for Christchurch - NOT an economic proposition - Wisbech Standard, April 24 1936 Sunday School Outing to Hunstanton - Wisbech Standard, August 10 1962. 9 February 2010 - updated my PALMER grandfather's page re: his service in the R.A.S.C. during WW1 + pictures of part of his training period in Wells, Somerset, during May 1915. January 2010 - updated my 'Sources' page. January 2010 - As my New Year's resolution, I'm continuing on loading *ALL* the old sepia family photos that I have onto *Flickr* - and then spend the rest of the year adding name labels and links back to the relevant website pages on here ! December 09 - 1923 Obituary for Louis Henry PALMER, my grandfather's younger brother. July 09 - BMDs from the "Wisbech Standard" for 29 June & 7 September 1888; 15 March & 19 July 1889 June 09 - WEATHERSTON Research Mailing List - for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the WEATHERSTON surname in the Norham and Horncliffe area of Northumberland in particular, and all places where their WEATHERSTON descendants have settled. November 2008 - Isabella Jane WEATHERSTON of Norham, Horncliffe and Tweedmill, Northumberland and the Borders. Is she a connection? As she surely had an interesting life, but again, more questions than answers. Home Page & Site Index Contact Details - if you think you have any information that will help me with my research and these webpages - including any broken links you may come across.
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